A Case of Bidhyaman Karki – A Brighter Future

Photo Taken in November 2021

Story written in 2019

Bidyaman is a 9 years old boy from Sarkegad RM-2, Ripa village. He lives with her parents, three sisters and himself. He is with physical disability by birth. He is study in grade 2 Shreekot primary school of ward no. 2 Ripa. He has difficulty in walking long distance in a tough terrain. His parents use to carry him to get school and back home. Sometimes he walks with the help of local wooden stick. He loves to sing a song and play games but due to his impairment of leg, he cannot able to play and go with friend for game and other activities. Locally, he did have frequent checkup, but lack of qualified health worker and equipment’s in local health post, no changes in his condition. Due to poor economic background, his family cannot afford his treatment in a good hospital.

As introducing the project from March 2019, “A Brighter Future” in Bidyaman’s community, he was benefitted a lot. According to his father, Kumir Karki , “Bidyaman first obtained disability Identity Card (C category) which enable him to access free education in the local school” The project staff also regularly counsel the family. Before the project, the family was totally unknown about disability rights, benefit/service. Bidyaman and his Family also become aware on disability rights and service through training. In February 2020, Bidyaman and his family received 5 days training on disability rights and capacity building. He got access to the free education from last year. In March 2020, Bidyaman was enrolled at HEAD enable Home a residential educational resource center in Simkot supported by HEAD Nepal and registered in Kalashilta Primary School  in grade 2  in Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla for his further study.

Bidyaman’s father was very worried about his son’s situation  and wanted his disability card to be upgraded to A category and only receive government allowance. But after having training, knew of our HEAD Nepal residential educational center and he requested to HEAD Enable home for study and submitted application for having his continue study and supported. On the other hand, Kummer Karki is very hopeful that the project will support for his treatment and further study. Before this project his family felt very upset and did not have any option for Bidyaman ‘s support. But now they have a lot of expectations from the project to bring changes in her life to some extent. He further expects that HEAD Nepal also will ensure the rights including inclusive education of people with disabilities in his community. Hoping brighter future of son and other people with disabilities and also treatment for his son, he thanks HEAD and other supporting partners for what have been done in his community so far.

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