A Case Story of Nabina

Photo taken in November 2021 at HEAD Residential Center

Case Written in 2020

Nabina is a 8 years old girl from Sarkegad RM-4, Saya village. There are five members in her family, they are her mother (50 years), her two elder sisters(16 years and 14 years) and her one elder brother (13 years). Nabina is the youngest one in the family. When Nabina was 6 years old, she fallen down from the roof of her house while she was playing and she broke her arm but she did not get proper treatment as there was lack health facilities in Sarkegad. She had traditional treatment which did not recover her arm. The family along with relatives and neighbors had decided to treat her in Nepalgunj but unfortunately, it was too late for treatment and she had to cut her arms and to add to the misery, she lost her father next year.  Her father had died due to severe sickness. Nabina’s mother said,” they have been facing lots of difficulties in fulfilling their daily needs, So that Nabina drooped her school after her father’s death.”

As introducing the project, “A Brighter Future” in Nabina’s community, she was benefitted a lot. According to Nabina’s mother Nabina first obtained disability Identity Card which enable her to access free education in the school which she had dropped last year. The project staff also regularly counseled the family about the benefits they are entitled to and how to stay afloat during dark times.

Before the project, the family was totally unknown about disability rights, benefit/service. Nabina and her Family also become aware on disability rights and service through training. She got access to the free education from last year.  She got a first position in the last final annual examination of grade 3. She has been in the HEAD enable Home a residential educational resource center in Simkot supported by HEAD Nepal and registered in Kalashilta Primary School  in grade 4  in Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla for her further study.

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