Rayna - Sanitary Pad Bank in Simikot

Rayna is an initiative that was started by Kritagya Kriti, a volunteer of HEAD Nepal in December 2021.

During her volunteering at HEAD Nepal in Simikot, Kritagya encountered an issue that shed light on a pressing problem: the high cost of sanitary pads in the region. When she requested someone to buy pads for her, she was shocked to discover their exorbitant price, far beyond their actual value. This revelation sparked her determination to understand the underlying causes and find a solution.

Kritagya conducted research and conversations with local retailers to investigate the reasons behind the inflated prices. While some attributed it to transportation costs, she realized that significant markups were being added. Driven by a desire to address this issue, she embarked on a mission to seek support from airlines, aiming to eliminate the cargo fare and reduce the pad prices. After persistent efforts, she secured partnerships with Tara Air and Sita Air, and through collaboration with HEAD Nepal and Padelux, a Nepali sanitary pad manufacturing company, they obtained the necessary funding and logistics to launch the pad bank project. HEAD Nepal took the project under their umbrella and became the execution partner for this project.

With the support of Yeti Airlines, who agreed to fly the sanitary pads free of charge, and Padelux, who provided the initial batch of pads, the initiative was named Rayna, meaning “pure, clean, and strong” in multiple languages. Rayna’s pad banks were established in several stores in Simikot and the HEAD Nepal headquarters. Shopkeepers enthusiastically agreed to sell the pads at the manufacturer’s recommended price, despite the impact on their income, recognizing the importance of this change-making process. On December 8, 2021, Rayna was officially launched on Dignified Menstruation Day.

Currently, Rayna’s pad bank is operational, and several awareness drives have been conducted to educate women about menstrual hygiene. The initiative has witnessed a growing number of women using sanitary pads, generating hope and optimism. HEAD Nepal acknowledges the significant impact that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can have, emphasizing the importance of organizations like Yeti Airlines and Padelux in bringing about positive change in the lives of rural menstruating individuals.

The initiative plans to organize further awareness programs to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene among individuals in Simikot and surrounding areas. With the support of like-minded organizations, Rayna strives to empower menstruating individuals and create lasting social impact