HEAD Management Team and Staff

Chhitup Lama

Founder, Executive Director

I founded HEAD Nepal in 2011 with a hope that the struggles that I faced as a partially blind kid growing up in these remote mountains ends with me. Since then, work has never felt like work. The motivation came from within because the vision that I shared was accepted and adopted by countless many who joined me on this adventure, a crazy one. People called me that! Crazy! Because I dreamt of a just world, a equal world for all people, despite their abilities or disabilities. 

I don’t know how close or far off we are from the end goal, but we can bridge the gap together. You and me.

HEAD Management Team and Staff

Chomu Lama, Admin and Finance Officer

Joined HEAD Nepal from 2015, Chhomu has responsibilities of Administration/accounting/finance/HR/Asset Management/ procurement

Bhakta Raj Aidi, Health Assistant

Bhakta Raj Aidi joined HEAD Nepal in 2016 and is responsible on Project implementation, health care work, primary treatment, basic physiotherapy, children health care, children hygiene assessment and supervision.

Lokraj Shahi, Field Coordinator & Community Facilitator

Lokraj has been with us since the beginning of HEAD Nepal in 2011. He has responsibilities on Coordination, community facilitation, reporting, project implementation, field activities management, beneficiaries data maintaining

Krishna Devi Budha, Community Facilitator

Krishna Devi Budha joined HEAD  in 2017. She is responsible for Project implementation/execution, field work/community mobilization, beneficiaries handling, reporting, community coordination, providing training etc.

Manisha Aidi, Home Manager & Teacher

With HEAD since 2014, Manisha is responsible for home management and overseeing children, inspection, children enrollment, class management and teaching, parents coordination,  store management.

Birkha Bahadur Aidi, Agriculture Junior Technical Assistant (JTA)

Joined in 2017, under the project A Brighter Future II, Birkha has responsibility of  leading the likelihood activities including income generation activities, Project implementation/execution, technical backstop on sustainable agriculture and its market linkage, field mobilization, providing training to the beneficiaries.

Pema Thukath Tamang, Part-time Teacher

Joining HEAD Nepal in 2021, he is responsible for teaching the children with disabilities Math and Science subjects in the morning and evening at Head Nepal residential educational center in Simikot.

Dinesh Poudel, Specialized Teacher

Joining HEAD Nepal in 2021, Dinesh is responsible for Teaching the children with visual impairment on Braille, orientation mobility, computer skills, English. Additionally  he also supports the home manager for hostel management and supervision specially the boys section.

Pema Sangmo Lama, Specialised Teacher

With a postgraduate degree in Psychology from Punjab, India, Ms Pema joined HEAD Nepal as a tuition teacher for our children of HEAD and now works as a Specialised Teacher. She is a curious soul and loves to learn new things!

Tshering Palmu Lama, Project Coordinator

Palmu is from  Namkha-3. She joined HEAD Nepal in 2019 for 1 year and again continued from 2022 as a Project Coordinator of project “Raise our voice for our Rights-Disability Rights Advocacy project in the Himalayas”. She’s a graduate in B.sc Environmental Science. She love to learn new things and working with people with disabilities.

Lalkala Bhandari, Home Mother

Working with HEAD Nepal since 2019, Lalkala is responsible for catering to all of the children’s needs. She cooks for the, cleans for them, washes them and carries them to the school if needed. Children call her “Mummy”

Bishna Bhandari, Home Mother

Bishna Bhandari joined HEAD Nepal in 2021 and has been assisting Lalkala as the second home mother. Both of them share responsibilities and care for the kids.