Our Team

The people behind it all

These are the people who made it all possible. Sleepless nights and fun-filled days, we have seen it all and strived through it.

Chhitup Lama

Founder, Executive Director

I founded HEAD Nepal in 2011 with a hope that the struggles that I faced as a partially blind kid growing up in these remote mountains ends with me. Since then, work has never felt like work. The motivation came from within because the vision that I shared was accepted and adopted by countless many who joined me on this adventure, a crazy one. People called me that! Crazy! Because I dreamt of a just world, a equal world for all people, despite their abilities or disabilities. 

I don’t know how close or far off we are from the end goal, but we can bridge the gap together. You and me.

Chomu Lama, Finance Officer
Bhakta Raj Aidi
Krishna Devi Budha, Community Facilitator
Lokraj Shahi
Manisha Aidi, Home Manager
Dinesh Poudel, Special Teacher
Birkha Bahadur Aidi
Pema Thukath Tamang, Part-time Teacher
Bishna Bhandari, Home Mother
Lalkala Bhandari, Home Mother