HEAD Nepal Board Members

Board Members

HEAD Nepal Board members are Seven enthusiastic visionaries from Humla district who are really committed, motivated and want to bring about positive social change.

We had our Annual General meeting on 30 October, 2021 and below are the elected board members serving HEAD Nepal for the next five years.

Namgyal Tamang, Chairperson
HEAD Nepal

Associated with HEAD Nepal since the establishment in several roles, Mr. Tamang is the second time elected Chairperson of HEAD Nepal Board of Directors.

He has played a major role in shaping HEAD Nepal all these years with his empowering attitude and humbling experience. Along with HEAD Nepal, he has also held several other prestigious positions

1. Former Vice-Chairperson of Hepka VDC
2. Chairperson of FNCCI, Humla
3. Affiliated with several other nonprofit organizations

His wisdom and support has helped us immensely in this journey and will continue to do so.

Sunam Bahadur Lama, Secretary

Having a business management background, Sunam is very passionate towards working with people with disabilities. Thus he joined HEAD Nepal since the foundation of the organization. He is engaged in several commercial and non-profit organizations in Karnali province.

Kalpana Tamang, Treasurer

Kalpana Tamang is a woman entrepreneur who runs a general store in Simkot, the district capital of Humla. She is motivated to work with HEAD Nepal as she herself has a child with hearing impairment. She aims to empower all children with disabilities in Humla as her child.

Kamal Bahadur Budha, Member

Having a technical background, electric mechanic, Kamal is very interested to join the movement of empowering people with disabilities in the remote mountain communities like Humla where he thinks that there is very limited resources, services and opportunities for such people.

Resham Raj Rokaya, Member

Resham is a professionally a teacher in local school, Mansarowar Secondary School where he teaches English subject. He is also expertized on audio/video/photographer. He is also engaged with several other fields like freelancer, journalism, etc. He would like to serve at HEAD Board as he has experienced the challenges of teaching students with visual impairment and other disabilities at his school. He is very motivated in creating education system more accessible for children with disabilities.

Pasang Tamang, Member

Pasang is a local shopkeeper, running a general suppliers at Simkot. She is also a beautician and photographer. She is committed to serve at HEAD Board as she would like to bring changes on social sector as well.

Garima Lama, Member

Garima is a passionate businesswoman very keen towards serving in the society and bringing an impact in the lives of People with Disabilities in Humla.