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HEAD Mobile School

Being one of the most remote and undeveloped districts in the rural Himalayas of Nepal, education of children with disabilities is completely beyond the reach of poor families having such children in Humla. The Mobile School is a first step to take literacy and education to the disabled children at their homes when they are themselves unable to come to schools.

HEAD Vision Home

The HEAD Vision Home is a residential program to equip blind and partially sighted children with the necessary tools for successful integration in a mainstream school. 

HEAD Enable Home

Head Enable Home is a residential educational center for 25 children with physical/mobility disabilities throughout the rural Himalayan region of Humla district. 

HEAD Skill Development Center

The Head Skill Development Center provides a range of support services mainly intended for adult people with disabilities and without disabilities who are unable or have difficulty integrating into mainstream society.

Children and Hunger

We are working actively to reduce hunger and improving nutrition amongst children with disabilities and other marginalized children in remote mountain villages of Nepal.

Disability Information Advisory Services

Head Nepal developed a kind of advisory and counseling services in regards to disability issues to make every service/support or information accessible for disabled people and their network. 

ICT based Training for Children with visual impairment

The ICT Training is principally designed and implemented to educate/train the blind and partially sighted students in both basic and intermediate and practical and theoretical skills/knowledge to use the computer independently.

Children Rehabilitation And Education Resource Center

With an aim to provide a safe, growing and fitting atmosphere and to meet the needs of children with disabilities, The residential resource center in Simikot equips blind/partially sighted and physically impaired children with the necessary tools for successful integration in a mainstream school. 

Health Care Center

HEAD Nepal together with Wilde Ganzen Foundation and Stichting Nepal Geeft the Netherlands started the project, ‘Health Care Centre for Children with Disabilities in the Himalayas’ in order to provide health care and rehabilitative services to the children with disabilities residing at the Head Vision Home and Head Enable Home since March 2020.

A Brighter Future

“A Brighter Future; Enabling Persons with Disabilities in Remote Mountain Communities to Exercise their Rights’ in Humla” was launched in eight ward pālikas of Serkegard RM of Humla districts with the financial support from Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD) having the aim of contributing to the empowerment of persons with disabilities in Humla, Nepal, and to the realization of their rights. 

Rayna , Sanitary Pad Bank

A volunteer’s effort to start a sanitary pad bank in Simikot to allow women to use sanitary pads and have dignified menstruation taken under the projects of HEAD Nepal.


Accessible Tourism

HEAD Nepal’s flagship tourism program to help people experience the beautiful Humla and also funding the projects of HEAD Nepal.

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