HEAD Enable Home

HEAD Enable Home for children with Physical/mobility disabilities

The Himalayan Education And Development (HEAD Nepal) is pleased to initiate the Head Enable Home, a residential educational center for 15-20 children with physical/mobility disabilities throughout the rural Himalayan region of Humla district. 

This is our second home after the successful implementation/smooth operation of the Head Vision Home, the first residential educational center for 25 children with visual impairment at Simikot the district headquarter of Humla.

The Head Enable Home is currently operated in a rented private building and located just behind the Head Vision Home and has been started from the 1st of September and so far 10 children are already enrolled in the home and 10 more children are under the process of registration.

With close observation and research on the educational status of all kinds of children in Humla from 2011 to date, Head Nepal has realized that the children with physical impairment are the only group of children who have been left behind the mainstream education in Humla. There is no special plan and services made available to support the education of those children in the remote villages of the Humla district. Though the children with physical impairment do not require a special education system for their study, they do need to have an appropriate (disabled Friendly/Mobility Accessibility) physical setting/environment at home and school and even on the way between.

Because of physical barriers, especially physical accessibility, the children with physical impairment though they are likely/interested to go to school, are not able to do so. Therefore, Head Nepal has realized a concept of a residential center in Simikot which will enable the children with a physical impairment to access the school by providing them a disabled-friendly physical setting and environment at the home and in school as well. The home will not only accommodate the children but they will be ensured with quality education, daily nutritious food, basic health services, emotional needs like love, affection, and training in different subjects such as daily living skills, confident building, mobility/physical exercise, etc.

Currently, the home is equipped with very basic services/facilities because of a lack of enough resources. We would highly appreciate any means and kind of support for the home and the children.

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