Announcement of Final Candidate for the Post of Junior Technician Assistant (JTA)


Date: 25th February 2021,

Announcement of Final Candidate for the Post of Junior Technician Assistant (JTA)


The Himalayan Education and Development (HEAD Nepal) is a non-profit making, a local non-governmental organization working for the empowerment and overall development of people with disabilities in the Himalayan region of Nepal. In partnership with Mission East, HEAD Nepal is implementing the project entitled “A Brighter Future – enabling persons with disabilities in remote mountain communities to exercise their rights II” in Sarkegad Rural Municipality of Humla district from January 2021 to December 2022. In this regard, as per the written test conducted on 22nd and the oral interview taken on the 23rd February 2021 of the shortlisted candidates, we are pleased to announce the following Successful and Alternative candidates for the post of Junior Technician (JTA).

S.N. Name Address Gender Position Status
1 Mr. Birkha Bahadur Aidi Sarkegad 6 Humla Male Junior Technical Assistant (JTA) Final Successful Candidate
2 Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari Simkot 1 Humla Male Junior Technical Assistant (JTA) Alternative Candidate


A big thank you for all the applicants who applied for the posts and attended written test and interview, and a big congratulation to the final Successful Candidates! The final candidate is requested to attend the HEAD Nepal office at Simkot before Tuesday. 2nd March 2021 or email to confirm the acceptance of the opportunity.

Note: The final candidates will have to attend physically HEAD Nepal office or email within the given time. In case of not confirming the acceptance in time may result of providing an opportunity to the alternative candidate.

For more information and query, contact HEAD Nepal office at Simikot

Phone: 087-680216


For more detail information about HEAD Nepal and the notice visit at