Disability Included Climate Action Project

Project Objectives

(1) we primarily aim to clearly see and understand the impact of current climate change and global warming on the lives of PWDs in remote mountain region of Nepal.

(2) We raise awareness among marginalized and under representatives’ communities such as indigenous people, PWDs and their family members on climate change and DRR.

(3) As an institutional development of the organization, we build capacity of HEAD Nepal in responding inclusive climate change and DRR actions.

In order to achieve these objectives, HEAD Nepal will carry out stakeholders mapping and a study on the climate change and its impact on the lives of indigenous and PWDs particularly in remote mountainous communities of Humla and Mugu District of Nepal. We will conduct general awareness sessions in the community level among PWDs, their family members and other marginalized communities. Finally, capacity building training will be conducted for the management team of HEAD Nepal to better respond the climate change and DRR in coming days. The project will be implemented in close technical consultation with National Indigenous Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN) based in the current project areas of DRF funded project where the existing project team will be implementing the activities.

Project Beneficiaries

This project will specifically be implemented in the two rural municipalities (RMs), Kharpunath RM of Humla district and Soru RM of Mugu district. The indirect beneficiaries of the project are the total population of the both Rural Municipalities- 6736 in Kharpunath and 14364 in Soru RM including 1132households in Kharpunath RM and 2107 households in Soru covering a total area of – Kharpunath RM-880km2 and Soru RM- 366km2.

Both the districts are situated in the Himalayan range of Nepal and most of the communities are located between an altitude of 3000 Meter to 4500 Meter.